Beatrice Atkinson

Future Best-Selling Author

Meet the Author

Beatrice Atkinson a Brunswick Georgia native, currently resides in Florida and is the proud mother of two young sons, Caiden and Caysen. She is an author of Dorrance Publishing and has been writing books since 2020.

Today, she has written a total of 2 children's books. Even though her books are categorized for children, she encourages people of all ages to receive a copy. As a mother of 2, she understands the value of speaking positivity into the lives of her children. She is motivated to see young people discover the greatness that is within and hope that her books inspire, uplift, and motivate children all around the world to pursue their dreams and show kindness.

She holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Beatrice proudly serves in the United States Air Force; traveling extensively, she is a savvy real estate investor and entrepreneur.


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