Beatrice Atkinson

Children's Book Author

My mission is to inspire kindness and foster a love for learning through engaging stories that teach children the joy of counting and the importance of being kind.

Discover the Joy of Kindness with "10 Acts of Kindness"

Join Caiden on a delightful journey as he counts to ten, discovering acts of kindness along the way. Each page of "10 Acts of Kindness" showcases heartwarming stories of children making a positive impact in their communities. From sharing toys to visiting animal shelters, this beautifully illustrated book by Beatrice Atkinson, with illustrations by Todd Siatkowsky, is a perfect read for children and parents alike.

Why You’ll Love This Book

  • Inspiring Stories: Encourages children to practice kindness in their daily lives.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Captivating artwork that brings each act of kindness to life.
  • Educational: Helps children learn to count while understanding the importance of empathy and compassion.

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Embrace the spirit of kindness and make a difference.

Purchase "10 Acts of Kindness" today and inspire the young minds in your life.

Here's What People Are Saying!

I love this book so much, not only is it teaching my son how to count it also has a coloring section at the end!

Analaura Polanco - Great book for my son!


This book is amazing for the younger kids coming into this world. Reading this book will help our community and the world be nicer and kinder to one another.❤️❤️ Love this book!!!

Aniyah - Amazing 🤩


This is a great children’s book . Adults should read this as well we all should be kind to each other thank you so much for this book !!!!

Tj Williams - The kindness


I like this book because it not only shows children ways to show kindness, but it also helps the little ones with counting to 10.

Yolanda - Must read to the kiddos!


I bought this book for my nephew and he loves it. The coloring book in the back is an added bonus.

MissTi - Great Children’s Book


I bought 10 Acts of Kindness for my niece. It’s perfect for young children, and great content. I’d highly recommend it for the little ones.

Derrick Barnes - 10 out of 10 I’d recommend.


10 Acts of Kindness is an awesome book for children to learn counting skills and so much more. The illustrations are beautiful and each number shows an act of kindness done by children. What a wonderful way to help us teach children to help make our world a better place? I highly recommend this book

Carole G - Awesome book


This book is a great way to teach your child about the importance of kindness, while also helping them to improve their counting skills. It is perfect for children ages 3-6.

Storytime with Ms. Hill - The book touches on three important values: kindness, unity, and love.


10 Acts of Kindness is an amazing book for children to learn about working together, being kind to each other, and supporting each other. It also helps kids learn to coun and all ages about making our world a better place. I love the supportive words and the illustrations...

Stephen W Barton - 10 Acts Of Kindness is an amazing book.


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